Creativity Drivers, Workflows, and Cycles for My Writing Habit

Emily Hokett
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I started this blog for several reasons. The first is that I care deeply about healthy sleep, and I wanted a medium to communicate the importance of sleep to others. A second reason that I started this blog is that I enjoy the creative process, particularly writing, drafting, crafting, and designing ways to clearly express information. While I have the opportunity to write in my work with academic research and freelance writing, I don’t have the same level of creative freedom. This blog gives me that sovereignty over what I choose to write, when I choose to write it, and when I choose to publish it. In two articles, I give a detailed explanation why I am continuing to write and an overview of my blog posting workflow.

In this article, I provide a personal account of my motivation for writing. I discuss 3 C’s for my writing process: creativity, community, and connection.

In this article, I outline my workflow for developing blog ideas and getting to the posting stage. I also explain why I think it’s important to connect with other writers.


  • This blog series developed from several influences. A few of them include: Mason Currey, Octavia Butler, Austin Kleon, Langston Hughes, and Hugh MacLeod.
  • I posted a couple of other tiny blogs on creativity on my personal blog. One is on my current writing habits, and the other is a brief reflection on sticking with my toolset for my creative process (instead of buying new tools).
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